Yogic Breathing

Yogic Breathing is a deeply balancing Pranayama (Breathing exercise) that can be beneficial for everybody. Yogic breath revitalizes the whole body with prana (essential life force) and creates a calmer, more balanced state of being.

Full yogic breath begins with a deep and fluid inhalation that fills the three sections of the torso. First, we breathe into the lower abdomen, then we breathe into the mid-section of the torso and finally we draw breath into the upper chest and shoulders. This slow and purposeful inhalation is followed by a long, slow and gentle exhalation. The breath is expelled from the same three sections of the torso, first the upper chest, then the diaphragm and ribs and finally the lower abdomen. One round of Yogic breath includes one complete inhalation and one complete exhalation.


Choose a comfortable sitting or lying position. Sit up straight. Put your left hand on your belly and right hand on upper chest. Alternately you can lie down on your back.

Take five deep breaths. Inhale slowly with intention drawing your breath first into your lower abdomen, then into your mid-torso. Continue to inhale from the navel to the ribs. Once the mid-torso feels full draw the breath into the upper chest. Make it rise into the heart, sternum and finally the shoulders and base of the neck. Do not raise your shoulders at any time. This completes the inhalation. Now exhale and release the breath slowly from the upper chest, mid-torso and lower abdomen. This completes one round of yogic breath. Complete all five breaths in this manner.

Now repeat the exercise but this time count the seconds as you breathe. Count up to three seconds as you inhale and six seconds as you exhale. Take five deep breaths like this and do this for a week.
During the second week take ten deep breaths and increase the number of seconds for the inhalation to four and eight for the exhalation.

During the third week take fifteen deep breaths, five seconds to inhale and ten seconds to exhale.
During the fourth week take 15-20 deep breaths, 6 seconds to inhale and 12 to exhale. By doing this exercise you will learn to breathe properly and expand lung capacity. Practice this for a month and then you can move to the next exercise.
The next breathing exercise Anuloma Viloma pranayama will be put up shortly.